Meet our team

Judson Vaughn

Though Judson’s education and initial professional experience was as a psychological and sociological researcher in the field of gerontology, in the late 70’s he moved to Hollywood, became a character actor (IMDB page) and shared the screen with some the most successful actors in film and television including: Gabriel Byrne, Jim Carrey, Harry Connick, Jr., Kevin Costner, Kevin Kline, Keith Carradine, David Duchovny, Faye Dunaway, Juliette Lewis, Laura Linney, E.G. Marshall, Steve Martin, Mary Tyler Moore, Carroll O’Connor, Brad Pitt, Blair Underwood, and Sam Waterston, and he worked with admired and legendary directors such as John Frankenheimer, Alan J. Pakula, Joseph Sargent, and Peter Weir.

Dan Kempka

Dan learned how crucial it is to establish trust within seconds while calling on lawyers during his first job out of college selling dictation equipment. Making dozens of “cold calls” at lawyer’s offices everyday for years taught him the valuable lesson that doing everything he could to establish a positive first impression made the difference between making a sale, or not. Training clients and witnesses for legal proceedings has been a natural progression because establishing instinctual trust is just as important for a witness in a legal dispute as it is for a salesperson trying to make a sale.  

About JurisPerfect

Created in 2002, JurisPerfect focuses on client and witness preparation and trial strategy. We prepare clients and witnesses for depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and bench and jury trials, and we work with trial lawyers to develop strategy, script openings, closings, direct and cross-examinations. A vital area of our trial work is focused on creating and designing visual arguments as well as demonstrative exhibits.

We teach verbal and nonverbal interpersonal communication skills that are based on a precise, objective system of persuasive communication called CommuniKata, that we refer to as the Genome of Human Emotions.

Yeah, that’s a highfalutin soundin’ sobriquet, but we come by it honestly. We began our research – focused on the intersections of trust, emotions and persuasion, in 1979.

As of this writing, over 30 years of research, testing, implementation and refinement have gone into developing the persuasive communication skills that make up CommuniKata. It is a scientifically-sound system for affecting the emotions and decisions of groups and individuals (on cognitive and sub-cognitive levels) that is consistent with studies and findings in the field of Social Cognitive Neuroscience.

The foundation of the skills we teach are the Six Elements of Instinctual Trust, which (when employed) enable lawyers, clients and witnesses to get others to trust them within seconds. And we teach additional skills that enable clients and witnesses to maintain that trust throughout a long and difficult deposition or a grueling trial.

Yeah, pretty much everything in that last paragraph sounds like hyperbole – and we are well aware that lawyers don’t like hyperbole… well, you don’t like it when opposing counsel (or anyone else) traffics in hyperbole.  

For that reason, when it comes to the specific skills we teach regarding how to get others to trust you before you’ve said a word, we don’t insist that you should “just trust us” that the skills we teach work. We produce documented evidence… very lawyerly of us, huh?

With every skill we teach, we also show lawyers and clients multiple neuroscientific studies that demonstrate, illustrate and justify why the skills we teach work. We don’t just make crap up!

We’ve prepared clients and witness in a wide variety of legal matters including white collar crime, but as strategists we focus primarily on complex commercial litigation, most frequently in the areas of securities (lots of FINRA stuff), banking, insurance, construction, labor and employment, and intellectual property matters.      

We have conducted CLE’s for litigators and transactional lawyers and/or worked as a trial strategists and consultants at regional and national firms such as: Arnall Golden Gregory, Bass Berry, Baker Donelson, Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, Dinsmore & Shohl, Holland & Knight, HunterMaclean, Jones Day, King & Spalding, Krevolin & Horst, Lewis Roca Rothgerber, McKenna Long & Aldridge, Moore & Van Allen, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, Swift Currie, Troutman Sanders, and Womble Carlyle, and we’ve conducted trial strategy seminars for in-house counsel at some of the largest financial services companies in the world. We’ve worked with numerous smaller firms and we’re especially proud of the trial work and our record of mutual successes with sole practitioners.

As a matter of practice, we never publically or privately reveal any engagement or involvement in any specific legal matter, and though we list the firms above, we do not reveal the names of specific lawyers within those firms who we have worked with.

We’ve love to add your name to the unmentioned list.