"What these guys teach clients works like magic. But it's not magic. It's science ."

Securities Litigator

Atlanta, GA

See how this hand-drawn shoe saved our client millions.

The plaintiff’s lawyer took 45 minutes explaining a complicated banking transaction to the jury. Then the defendant’s lawyer blew him out of the water by drawing this shoe and explaining the entire case in less than three minutes.

"They denied all of plaintiff's claims against us and awarded (our client) damages in the amount of $270,000. This is a great result - due in no small part to all of your help!"

FINRA Arbitration

New Orleans, LA

Are you losing sleeping thinking about your client on the stand?

A groundbreaking neuroscientific study has shown that trust is granted or denied in less than a second - well before your client or your witness has spoken a word. We teach clients and witnesses what to do during those fractions of a second to secure trust.

The video below will introduce you to the Essential Witness Prep system we've been teaching to clients like yours since 2002.


We make great lawyers even greater.






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