You’ve Got Six Seconds


Research by Cognitive Neuroscientists has shown that within the first six seconds of seeing you for the first time, clients, judges and jurors make judgments about your trustworthiness, honesty, empathy and professionalism, based on nothing more than what you’re doing with your body and your face… before you say a word. 

For over a decade JurisPerfect has been teaching lawyers to “write body language” which has enabled them to gain an unprecedented amount of control over what clients, judges and juries feel and think about them.  Now the same interpersonal, litigation and negotiation skills we’ve been teaching in person are available online.




Since 2003, we’ve been making great lawyers even better.





Don’t tell anyone else your secrets!!!!!!!! Seriously, this course is fantastic.  JurisPerfect’s live CLE was my favorite
of all time, but this is a darn good
substitute.  I love the film style and the graphics are cool.  It has a modern, hip
feel to it and the videos are all a good
bite-sized length.  I’m a little upset that
you’re giving your secrets away to a mass audience, but I have to admit that every lawyer really needs to learn this stuff.

David J. Hungeling

Law Office of David J. Hungeling, P.C.



I really enjoyed this course.  The videos
are well shot, well produced, engaging,
and convey the concepts in a way that
every practitioner will understand.  I like
that the videos are short, so that lawyers
can take breaks as needed.   In your first lesson, “Your Most Powerful Tool to Direct the Emotion of Others,” you really did a
great job of conveying how much the placement of the body matters.  The price
is extremely reasonable and an incredible value for what lawyers will get out of the course.  Obviously there is great value to
this course – well beyond mere CLE credit.

Erin Lockett, Esq.

Private Practice

This entire course is fantastic.  There are several lawyers I’d like to “gift” the course to.  How do I go about doing that?  Your CLE presentation to our firm was the best any of us had ever attended.  What we learned in that presentation about what persuades people is invaluable.  This online course was a fantastic reminder of how valuable JurisPerfect skills are.   Law firms out there – do yourselves a favor – hire JurisPerfect to make a presentation; or for a better bang for your buck, have your lawyers take this equally invaluable course.

Keith Lichtman

Mills Paskert Divers


How to be a great lawyer.

Young lawyers wondering how to be a great lawyer need to know three things. Great lawyers don’t rest on their laurels, they don’t assume they’re always the smartest person in the room, and they never stop adding new skills to their repertoires.  The short, compelling, self-paced videos we offer will help to make young lawyers great…and great lawyers even greater.



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We make great lawyers even greater.






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