Are you losing sleep worrying about her testifying?  

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The Handbook: How to Work With Your Lawyer 
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The step-by-step handbook includes:

  1. Trust Your Lawyer
  2. Organize Your Thoughts
  3. Tell Us Everything
  4. Create a Timeline
  5. Get Some Perspective
  6. Get Un-Mad
  7. Communicating With Your Lawyer
  8. Your Testimony
  9. Learn the Six Elements of Instinctual Trust
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Download the handbook to share with your clients or witnesses.


Client and Witness Prep: The Art & Science of Trust    

Trust is granted or denied in less than a second…
 well before your client or witness has spoken a word.
(Study in Journal of Neuroscience, 2014)

In our online video course — 24 videos totaling 2 hours —  we teach clients precisely what to do during those fractions of a second to secure trust and maintain it during the entire litigation process.
Watch the video below to see a preview of Client and Witness Prep: The Art & Science of Trust.

Be a more effective client and witness.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Want to see more?

Learn how fast trust is established.
How to look trustworthy.
This  is my testimony.
Handling “Warning Flag” questions like:
1. Multiple questions at once.
2. Predicates during cross-examination.
3. “Isn’t it true that,” or, “Isn’t is fair to say?”   
Handling nervousness. 

And even more.

The body language of trust.
Answering Yes/No questions.
When you need to explain.
How to move your body during:
1. Depositions.
2. Arbitrations.
3. Trials.  
Finally… Mad is an expensive emotion. 

The videos above include brief clips of some of the areas covered in detail within the course.

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