"What these guys teach clients works like magic. But it's not magic. It's science ."

Securities Litigator

Atlanta, GA

Your client didn't mean to damage your case... but he did.

Facts matter, dates matter, numbers matter, physical evidence and testimony matter..But…

Nothing Matters More Than Trust.

If those deciding your case don’t instinctually trust your client, everything you (or opposing counsel) present, and everything your client says will be viewed through eyes and ears biased against you.

You’ve spent years and/or decades becoming an expert at preparing your clients for depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and court appearances.

We’ve spent over three decades becoming experts on the anatomy of trust.We teach people exactly what they need to do to get strangers to trust them instantly.That’s something you want all of your clients to be able to do.

Neuroscientific research has shown that trust is granted or denied in seconds.We teach clients and witnesses exactly what they need to do during those critical seconds to get judges and juries to trust them instinctually, and what they need to do to maintain that trust during every aspect of litigation.

"They denied all of plaintiff's claims against us and awarded (our client) damages in the amount of $270,000. This is a great result - due in no small part to all of your help!"

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Online Trial Prep Workbook for Clients

When we are hired to help prepare clients and witnesses for any aspect of litigation, we start by giving them specific tools that enable them to help you. Our foundational Online Trial Prep Workbook for Clientsis where our process starts.

Step Number One: Trust Your Lawyer

Lawsuits are operations that are as tricky and complicated as are many surgeries. We’re assuming you wouldn’t consider remaining conscious so that you could advise the surgeon during your abdominal surgery. So when it comes to your lawsuit, once you’ve hired a skilled professional...

Step Number Two: Organize Your Thoughts

…the point is to get you thinking about this, so that during your normal work day, if your mind drifts into thinking about your legal dilemma, you have a purpose and goal to focus on rather than just mentally reiterating the same frustrating thoughts you’ve had hundreds of times.

Step Number Three: Tell Us Everything

Start writing as if you are writing an outline but including prose when you remember details. What you want to create initially, are the most salient facts regarding your relationship with the person (or people) on the other side of the suit. Write down a fact and a date, then skip three pages and…

Step Number Four: Create a Timeline

Start creating an outline in chronological order.Some entries will be nothing more than a date and a brief description of what happened, but some will be very detailed and include dialogue you remember. Writing these things out, first longhand, and then typing them later will be a tremendous help in keeping you consistent…

Step Number Five: Get Some Perspective

Virtually every client I have ever worked with has viewed his or her “facts” as conclusive, unassailable and irrefutable, and they’ve viewed the “facts” of their opponent as unreliable, fanciful, or just outright lies. It is a grave mistake for any client to arrive at such conclusions.

Step Number Six:Memorize this Line “Mad Is An Expensive Emotion,” then say it out loud over and over and over.

At this point, these potential jurors know nothing about your case, but their lightning fast limbic systems just gave them a great deal of information about your character. Which client are most people likely to instinctually trust? Neuroscience tells us that they’re going to instinctually trust the people who look like nice people.

Step Number Seven:Learn the Six Elements of Instinctual Trust

You may have hired or you may be about to hire a great trial lawyer, but her great work and that of her team, will be for naught, if the judge or judges during an arbitration, the judge during a bench trial, or the people sitting in that jury box don’t trust you.


We make great lawyers even greater.






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